From the Vice Provost for Research

At Illinois Institute of Technology we strive to foster and encourage an ethical climate for all who conduct research. This web page of resources on ethical issues in research was created in order to help everyone in our research community--students, staff, and faculty--make good judgments about how to conduct research.

Most important among these resources is the list of people at IIT available to you if you should need assistance with an ethical question, issue, or problem. These individuals welcome your questions about any ethical aspect of the research in which you are engaged. You are strongly encouraged to make contact as soon as you realize you need advice--so that you can get help with an ethical situation or dilemma as soon as possible.

Also included is a movie and an accompanying study guide about common ethical situations faced in the research arena, including mentoring, authorship, and scientific misconduct. Links to IIT policies and outside resources also are provided.

Responsible and ethical conduct of research is a top priority at IIT. I hope you will make full use of these resources and contacts. We are here to help you succeed in your research, and want the climate in which you work to be of the highest standard.