Virtual Computer Lab (VCL)


What is the VCL?
How do I get started?
Who can access the VCL?
How many instances can I launch?
How do I connect to applications in the VCL?
How do I change the VCL window size?
How do I print from the VCL?
How do I save my work?
I lost my network connection. Is my work lost?
I am having trouble launching an app. What can I do?

What is the VCL?

The VCL (Virtual Computer Lab) is a service that enables users to stream specific academic software applications from their own computers at any time from any location. The VCL is accessed via a web-browser interface and is platform independent.
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How do I Get Started?

Detailed instructions for connecting and using the VCL can be found here.
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Who Can Access the VCL?

Currently enrolled Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff can access the VCL environment.

Due to licensing restrictions, however, access to some of the titles is limited. Users will only be able to see those applications to which they have been granted access based upon their university status.
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How Many Instances Can I Launch?

You can only have one application instance open at a time. Additionally some titles may become unavailable at certain times, i.e., during reserved periods when classes require specific software titles.
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How do I Connect to Applications in the VCL?

In order to connect to applications in the VCL, you will need to logon to your Access Illinois Tech Portal, and select the “VCL Apporto” icon from the My Apps list. No additional software is required, as VCL runs through a web interface.

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How do I Change the VCL Window Size?

The window size can be changed by maximizing or restoring the browser window and can be adjusted in restore mode by dragging the corners to the desired window size.
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How do I Print From a VCL?

In a future update you will be notified of how you will be able to print from the VCL to IIT's remote printers in the same way that you print from your own computer; when you are ready, you can then release your document from the Papercut Mobile Print interface.

For the time being, please utilize Papercut WebPrint at 

Please note: You will not be able to print directly to the printer connected to your own computer.
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How do I Save my Work?

Remember that once a VCL session expires, any work you have not saved to your local computer will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Below is a recommended workflow for file usage in VCL:

  • Import your data files to the streamed app via Google Drive;
  • Access and work with your files directly on the streamed app;
  • Save your work often; and
  • Copy your saved files back to Google Drive.

If you wish to use files from your Google Drive or save files to your Google Drive, you will need to either access your Google Drive using the browser on the virtual machine or utilize the Cloud Mounter service. Cloud Mounter instructions can be found within the VCL guide by clicking here.

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I Lost my Network Connection. Is my Work Lost?

If you are working in an app-streaming session and you are disconnected, you will have 15 minutes to reconnect and retrieve your work.
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I Am Having Trouble Launching an App. What Can I Do?

If you are launching an app and are having issues running it, please try to log completely out of Apporto VCL, and clear your browser cache. If that fails, launching Apporto through a private browsing session or another browser type can resolve the issue. Google Chrome is the vendor-preferred browser for use with the VCL. In rare instances, the maximum number of virtual seats may be occupied. Please attempt to reconnect 30 minutes after your last attempt. If that fails, please submit a Support Desk ticket at
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