Social Security Number

You must be issued a social security number (SSN) by the United States Social Security Administration prior to commencing work for Illinois Institute of Technology.

The steps to do so are outlined below.

Apply for a SSN

  • Take the signed Illinois Tech offer letter and your completed I-94 form, DS-2019 form (J-1), and passport, along with a foreign or U.S. driver’s license or your birth certificate, to the nearest Social Security Administration office. Visit for more information and directions to the social security office nearest you.
  • At the social security office, complete Form SS-5, Application for SSN. The name you enter on Form SS-5 must EXACTLY match the name reflected in your passport. You should request a receipt from the social security office as verification that you have applied for a SSN. Your social security card will be mailed by the Social Security Administration to your home. According to the Social Security Administration, it should arrive in approximately two weeks. However, delays in processing can occur; therefore, it is advisable to complete this process as soon as possible. 

After You Apply for a SSN

Bring your social security office receipt to the Human Resources Office, which is located on the 13th Floor of Michael Paul Galvin Tower (10 West 35th Street)

When You Receive Your SS Card

Once you receive your social security card in the mail, you must bring it to the Human Resources Office as soon as possible

Note: If you have applied for a social security number and have not received your social security card within a month of submitting your application to a Social Security Administration, you should go back to the social security administration office where you applied and inquire about the status of your application.

Avoiding Identity Fraud

Your social security number is confidential. Please make sure that you keep your social security number and card safe to avoid identity fraud. You should never email your social security number, and you should only share your social security number over the telephone or in person if you are certain that the information is being requested for a legitimate purpose.