Department of Psychology

Vision, Mission, and Values


The Illinois Tech Department of Psychology will be a recognized leader in providing premier educational experiences and conducting cutting-edge research that fuels the intersection of Psychology with Chicago’s, the nation’s, and the world’s technology-driven future.


To provide high-quality, multidisciplinary, and inclusive educational experiences designed to prepare students of all backgrounds for meaningful professional and personal roles in a technology-focused society. We educate the next generation of global leaders to make data-driven, socially responsible decisions in work, health, and social contexts; we generate and disseminate cutting-edge research aiming to address real-world challenges at the interface of technology and human behavior.

Guiding Values

Interdisciplinary Innovation. We develop high-quality, methodologically-rigorous, and cutting-edge interdisciplinary educational and research programs that are internationally recognized for excellence.

Relevant Education and Research. Faculty develop and conduct ongoing evaluations and modifications of the curriculum to meet the changing needs of the profession and humans in society.

Student Success. We focus on fundamental and generalizable skills that will prepare graduates for a variety of career paths. We educate individuals not only to be competent professionals, but to effectively adapt to changes in technology, and to be leaders in the development of new approaches to practice and research. 

Accessible Educational Experiences. We strive to accommodate students with diverse physical, psychological, cultural, academic, economic, and technological needs.

Community Engagement. We strive to form active partnerships with individuals and organizations in our communities who both contribute to and benefit from our research and service.

Diversity and Inclusion. We foster diversity and inclusion among students, faculty, and staff by recruiting, accommodating, and celebrating individuals with a diverse background and diverse opinions. See our full diversity and inclusion statement here.

Ethical Training and Practice. Faculty, staff, and students engage in professional behavior that is consistent with our ethics code and other professional and university standards. We educate students consistent with national and international professional standards.