What do I do if I am the Victim of a Crime, or Witness a Crime or Policy Violation?

If you are the victim of a crime, or witness an offense occurring on campus, report it immediately to Public Safety by calling the emergency number 1.312.808.6363 or activating any Emergency Phone on campus. Calling 911 will also work on or off campus, so use it if you don’t have the Public Safety number handy,

If you are off campus, or the offense occurred off campus, contact the Chicago Police Department by calling 911. After you report it to the Chicago Police Department, it is recommended that you further contact Public Safety or The Dean of Students to inform them of the incident.

If I Need the Police, Fire Department, or Paramedics, Shouldn't I Just Call 911?

Unfortunately, the City of Chicago Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Paramedics) cannot contact Public Safety directly if there is an on-campus emergency. It is important for Public Safety to respond concurrently with public emergency services on campus. It is best to contact Public Safety at 1.312.808.6363 in addition to calling 911. Public Safety can respond promptly to any location on campus. This increased response time can lead to better outcomes

Sometimes I Get Asked to Show my IIT ID by Public Safety, Why is This Necessary?

All students are required by the IIT University Code of Student Conduct to carry their IIT ID with them at all times and display it upon request by a university official. The purpose of this procedure is strictly for the safety and security of everyone on campus. Please do not become offended if you are asked to show your ID.

The IIT Department of Public Safety is governed by the university and has full authority to act in the best interest of the university, for the safety and security of all students, faculty, and staff. Public Safety officers must enforce all policies and procedures as provided by the University Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, and the policies and procedures for faculty and staff.

If a suspected offense or crime is committed, Public Safety may detain individuals for the purpose of determining what further action must be taken. The Dean of Students is notified in every case that involves a student. Public Safety may choose to take a variety of actions, including verbal warnings, student or staff disciplinary action referral, or prosecution.

Is my U-Pass an Acceptable Form of Identification for IIT?

Although the U-Pass may have your picture on it, it is not accepted as an official form of identification for the university. The U-Pass does not indicate the validity of your status on campus.

How Can I Get Directions to IIT or Any Building on Campus?

Click on the ”About” tab at the top of the IIT homepage and choose “Campus Locations” for directions to any of the IIT campuses. This tab also has a master plan map of the main campus. You may also click here to access the IIT Main Campus map.

Where Can I Park on Campus?

The Office of Access, Card and Parking Services oversees parking on campus. Parking on campus is controlled by color-coded permits. Your IIT status determines where you may park. Permits may be purchased in the Parking Services Office at McCormick Tribune Campus Center.

Visitor pay and park lots are available at 32nd and State, just north of MTCC, and at 34th and State, just south of State Street Village. There is a six-hour limit in these lots.

Other metered parking is available near the Hermann Hall, and on Wabash between McCormick Student Village and MTCC.