Bike Registration

Protect your bike by registering with Garage 529!

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The Illinois Tech Department of Public Safety (DPS) encourages you to register your bike with Garage 529. Having your bike registered is an easy and efficient way for the public safety and law enforcement to identify and return your bike if stolen.

This is how it works: Gather your bike and a smart phone or camera and hop on to Garage 529. Follow the easy prompts to create a free account and record your bike’s serial number and identifying information. Your registration is immediate, and good for life.

In the event your bike is ever stolen, log into your Garage 529 account to print off an easy sheet to give to public safety that will speed along our report process. You can also notify other users of your stolen bike.

DPS has a supply of tamper-proof shields to issue to any community member who registers a bike with Garage 529. Please contact us at to schedule a time to have your free shield applied to your bike!