Academic Honesty

Faculty members who want to report incidents of academic dishonesty in the classroom can submit it online.

Alcohol Request Form

Any event on-campus that requests service to alcohol needs to complete the Alcohol Request Form and submit it to the Dean of Students Office at

Meal Plan Accommodation Forms

The Illinois Tech Culinary and Hospitality Services Team cares about the individual needs of all students. We understand that students have varied and evolving needs when it comes to their diet. We invite you to speak with a team member to discuss any concerns or preferences you might have regarding food on campus. Please contact if you would like to meet with a team member.

In the event a medical or religious accommodation is needed, please fill out the corresponding form:

Please email or with any questions.

Appeal Form

In accordance with the Student Handbook, all students involved in the Student Conduct Process can submit an appeal form. To file an appeal of this decision, please complete and submit this form with supporting documentation to within five (5) calendar days of notification of the decision. Supporting information must be submitted with the appeal. An appeal or submission made after this deadline will not be considered, and the student will be deemed to have waived their right thereto. The appeal should be forwarded from your Hawk email account.

Bias Incident Report

Illinois Tech encourages students to submit any bias or hate-related incidents that they observe or experienced at Illinois Tech. The Office of Community Standards leads a team of campus administrators who review and take action on any such reports. Anonymous reports are accepted; however, anonymous reporting does make it more difficult to proceed with an investigation without a named reporter to follow up with. If you have any questions about the reporting and/or investigative process, they can be directed to You can access the reporting form online.

Community Service Form

Students who were sanctioned and must complete community service need to submit the Service Hour Completion Form to Please complete one Service Hour Completion Form for each site where you complete service hours. After each shift, it is your responsibility to complete the following:

  • Your site supervisor has verified your hours by signing this form and providing a phone number
  • Provide a copy of this form to the Office of Community Standards no later than five (5) days after the completion of your shift

Dean Certification Form

Illinois Tech respects the rights of privacy of its students and acknowledges the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of personally identifiable educational records. Former and current students can request the Dean of Students Office to send their disciplinary records to the United States government, an employer, or another university.

A third party may either communicate directly to the Dean of Students Office or request the student reach out to Illinois Tech to send it directly to them. Access the request form online.

Excused Absence

Illinois Tech expects all students to attend courses regularly. When illness or emergency requires a student to miss an exam/and or more than two days of class, the student must notify the course instructor. In extenuating circumstances, the dean of students can advocate on behalf of the student to request an excused absence.

Please complete this form to request an excused absence from the Dean of Students Office. Any questions regarding this form or the student absence policy can be sent to

FERPA Release Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Students who wish to grant permission to release all or part of their records to specific individuals have the ability to do so. For more information, can visit the FERPA webpage.

Incident Report

Incident reports are reports that are made by a student, faculty, staff, and or community member concerned about an Illinois Tech community member, information about a possible violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or a possible case of sexual misconduct. You can access the incident report online.