Transitioning to College

The transition to college is a new experience, it can present a few challenges and maybe even some confusion. Illinois Tech’s first-year mentors are here to help incoming first-year students through that transition.

First-year mentors lead small groups of incoming students and introduce them to useful resources at Illinois Tech. New students participate in discussions and events with their mentors throughout the academic year. Students may meet with their first-year mentors on an individual basis or as a group. By participating in these activities, first-year mentors will empower students to become more self-aware and engaged while navigating their first year at college.


Campus Resources and Encouraging Scholarly Success

Adulting is hard, and throughout the year students will learn about the various services available on the Illinois Tech campus. These services are introduced to build various skills and techniques to help students cope with stress, time management, organizational skills, and work-life balance. Further enhancing a student's ability to develop helpful habits to succeed throughout their academic career.