First-Year Seminar

All incoming Illinois Tech students will participate in a weekly First-Year Seminar throughout their freshman year. Throughout this program, students will learn how to:

  1. Access Illinois Tech campus resources, supports, and services for students  
  2. Adopt a growth mindset and be resilient in coping with the initial challenges associated with transitioning to college 
  3. Understand their personal learning styles, academic strengths, and areas for growth and apply that knowledge during their studies at Illinois Tech  
  4. Create an individual college and career plan that will result in personal life satisfaction and growth  
  5. Communicate openly, respectfully, and empathetically with diverse populations in academic, social, and professional settings  

What You Will Learn

Campus Community and Resources

In the first part of the First-Year Seminar, you will be introduced to your mentor and learn about the various services available to you on the Illinois Tech campus.

Transitioning to College

Adulting is hard, and throughout this unit, you will learn various skills and techniques to help you cope with stress, time management, organizational skills, and work-life balance.

Understanding and Empowering Yourself as a Learner

No two learning styles are exactly the same, and this unit will help you develop helpful habits to succeed throughout your student career. From note-taking strategies to reading techniques to finding the right way to study, you’ll be able to form your own study survival guide by the end of the term.