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When thinking about prospective colleges, David Arnold (EE/M.S. CPE ’19) placed Illinois Tech on the top of his list because of its strong academic standing in the region—and because of the university’s close proximity to his family. In addition to the university’s location, Arnold shares that Illinois Tech was also the perfect choice for him because “the high-quality engineering programs made it stick out among the many high-ranking universities in the city.”

As a teaching assistant, he enjoyed the opportunity to see students adjust to college life and develop their engineering skills in the Introduction to the Profession course. Arnold adds, “It was truly a wonderful experience to be able to help the department show what it had to offer and to provide inspiration to the students as they began their studies here at Illinois Tech.”

He is pursuing his Ph.D. in computer engineering with a specialization in embedded systems and collaborating with Professor Jafar Saniie, chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in the Embedded Computing and Signal Processing Research Laboratory.

In particular, Arnold has assisted undergraduate researchers in the Armour R&D Summer Immersion Program on projects such as Home Automation and Security System and an IoT Rehabilitation System. He has also begun research into internet of things security for smart grid applications.