Building Brand Awareness

As a communications specialist at, one of Canada’s largest independent online mattress retailers and fastest-growing companies, Brook Bell (HUM ’16) says every day is an adventure.

“As an independent company, we built everything from the ground up,” he says. “We are constantly researching, testing, and vetting the latest trends and figuring out what our own best practices are.” 

Bell, who now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, handles offsite review management, onsite review moderation, moderation of social media profiles, and more in his current role.

“I am passionate about understanding our brand’s audience—what they love, who they follow, who they find to be influential to make meaningful content and messaging that they connect with,” he says. “I will forever pursue the challenge to build brand awareness, trust, and a brand’s reputation with consumers in the ever-changing media landscape, regardless of the medium (traditional, web, social media, etc.).”

Bell plans to continue on in communications and hopes to advance to a manager or director position in the future. Outside of work, he says he enjoys going for runs and spending time with his girlfriend and his dog, a shorkie named Jenny.

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