The Right Place at the Right Time

As Isabel Jaramillo began to think about her future, she started to take stock of what would be most important to her. A business student at College of DuPage at that point, Jaramillo realized she wanted to pursue a technical path, one where she could develop a budding interest in cybersecurity and find a profession where she could make an impact.

When she came across Illinois Tech and its information technology and management program via a Google search, Jaramillo says her path forward started to become clearer.

“It was interesting that we’re taught by professors who were just coming out of work or who are currently in the industry. It’s so much more than just the PowerPoints that come from the textbooks,” Jaramillo says. “We hear a lot about their experiences in the industry—their different perspectives—especially with information technology. Technology isn’t consistent. As it’s continuing to evolve, we’re all learning that together.”

Jaramillo soaked up everything that Illinois Tech offered—and built the knowledge and skills to secure a full-time systems security engineer position within the defense industry.

“I think being here, I learned to just be more comfortable and take chances,” Jaramillo says, adding: “The students and the faculty made me feel comfortable. I always felt like I had the room to offer my perspective.”

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