Annual Required Training

Any person serving as a Title IX coordinator or designee, Title IX investigator, Title IX decision maker, Title IX appellate decision maker, or Title IX Informal Resolution Facilitator is required to receive training annually. Training topics include:

  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Definition of Illinois Institute of Technology’s education program or activity
  • Instructions and procedures for conducting impartial investigations and adjudications including hearings, appeals, and informal resolutions
  • How to serve impartially and avoiding prejudgment of evidence, conflict of interest, and bias
  • Technology used during live hearings
  • How to determine relevant questions and evidence, including those surrounding a person’s sexual predisposition or prior sexual behavior 
  • How to identify and avoid sex stereotypes
  • How to create a fair and impartial investigative reports that fairly summarize evidence

The materials used to train Title IX team members must be made publicly available and can be found below by year.

Materials used for the 2022 annual required training