Electrical Engineering

BS in Physics - Elmhurst University
BS in Electrical Engineering - IIT

First Semester   Second Semester   
MTH 1514(EC)(IIT - MATH 151)MTH 1524(EC)(IIT - Math 152)
PHY 1214(EC)(Note 1)PHY 1224(EC)(Note 1)
FYS 1004(EC) ENG 1064(EC) 
ENG 1054(EC) BIO 104 or BIO 2004(EC)(Note 2)
TOTAL16Hours TOTAL16Hours 
Summer Semester   Third Semester   
Religious Studies in Context4(EC) CHM 2114(EC)(IIT - CHEM 124)
Literature4(EC) MTH 2514(EC)(IIT - MATH 251)
    PHY 3014(EC)(Note 1)
    CS 2204(EC)(IIT - CS 115 & 116)
TOTAL8Hours TOTAL16Hours 
Fourth Semester   Fifth Semester   
MTH 3414(EC)(IIT - Math 252)PHY 3114(EC) 
PHY 3024(EC) PHY 3134(EC)(IIT - MMAE 320)
Fine Arts4(EC) Social & Political Analysis4(EC) 
Historical Analysis4(EC) ECE 2113(IIT) 
    ECE 2184(IIT) 
TOTAL16Hours TOTAL18Hours 
Sixth Semester   Seventh Semester   
PHY 3124(EC)(Sub for IIT - ECE 100)ECE 3074(IIT) 
Cognitive & Behavioral Science4(EC) ECE 3114(IIT) 
ECE 2134(IIT) MTH 3333(IIT) 
ECE 2423(IIT) PHY 4144(EC)IIT - Free Elective
TOTAL15Hours TOTAL15Hours 
Eighth Semester   Ninth Semester   
ECE 3083(IIT) Prof. ECE Elective3(IIT)(Note 4)
IPRO Elective3(IIT) Prof. ECE Elective3(IIT)(Note 4)
ECE 3194(IIT) IPRO Elective3(IIT) 
MTH 3743(IIT) PHY 4214(EC)(Sub for IIT - Technical Elective)
    PHY Ind. Study2/4(EC) 
TOTAL13Hours TOTAL15/17Hours 
Tenth Semester       
Prof. ECE Elective4(IIT)(Note 4)    
Prof. ECE Elective4(IIT)(Note 4)    
Prof. ECE Elective3(IIT)(Note 4)    
Inquiry Into Ethics & Justice4(EC)     
Total for Program163-165 HoursMinimum 

Note 1) PHY 121, 122, 301 (EC) = PHYS 123, 221, and 224 (IIT).

Note 2) BIO 104 or BIO 200 (EC) fulfills the Elmhurst Life Science requirement and the IIT Science Elective requirement.

Note 3) See Humanities and Social Sciences requirements.

Note 4) Professional ECE electives may be chosen from any of the 400-level ECE courses identified with a (P) in the course descriptions. Courses at the 400-level may be taken with the written consent of the instructor, faculty advisor and the ECE department chair. At least two of the electives must contain laboratories. A maximum of three credits of Undergraduate Research (ECE 491) or Special Problems (ECE 497) may be used as a professional elective with advisor approval.

Note 5) A minimum of 45 semester hours must be completed at IIT.

Note 6) Consult your academic advisers regarding the completion of courses in a summer term to reduce your academic load in the fall or spring term.

Note 7) The Elmhurst University Integrated Curriculum sequence shown above is an example only. General education course sequencing should be made in consultation with your Elmhurst University academic adviser.

Dated – July 2019