The overall purpose of the committee is to drive culture change through working groups that will focus on initiatives intended to enhance our culture, and together we can shape a more inclusive university and a collaborative place where people can thrive and grow. Our ability to enhance and affect change in our culture is significantly increased by having as many faculty and staff as possible actively participating in this journey. One of the keys to culture change is getting as many people involved as possible.

Furthermore, it is important to have as many faculty and staff participate as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the sub-committees, please email

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Sub-committee 1: Expanding our DEI page on the website to capture all DEI activity
  • Sub-committee 2: Curating a monthly schedule of monthly and daily celebrations 


  • Sub-committee 1: Coordinating campus and community walks
  • Sub-committee 2: Welcoming onboarding and acclimation experience for faculty and staff
  • Sub-committee 3: Build more empathy in our culture
  • Sub-committee 4: Building more engagement between faculty and staff (Social Engagement)
  • Sub-committee 5: Develop a framework for appreciating all points of view for healthier and more productive conversations and execution (Community Engagement)

Learning and Development

  • Sub-committee 1: Building Institutional Knowledge
  • Sub-committee 2: Learning Platforms

Leadership Skills

  • Sub-committee 1: The Most Critical Management and Leadership Concepts
  • Sub-committee 2: Develop Management and Leadership Training Programs

Policy Review

  • Sub-committee 1: Policy Advisory

Original Quality Work Life (QWL)

  • Sub-committee 1: Original Quality Work Life


  • Sub-committee 1: Faculty and Staff Service Awards
  • Sub-committee 2: Staff Excellence Awards