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Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.)

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Illinois Tech’s Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering is awarded to students in recognition of mastery in chemical/biological engineering and upon demonstration of an ability to make substantial creative contributions to the advancement of chemical engineering.

The recipients of these degrees will be capable of continuing efforts toward the advancement of knowledge and achievement in research while pursuing an academic or industrial research career.

Program Overview

The objective of this program is to prepare students for professional practice in the field of chemical engineering and to provide a foundation in the fundamental knowledge of chemical engineering toward the pursuit of an academic or industrial research career.

Career Opportunities

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering degree program will prepare you for such careers as:

  • Senior scientist, chemical engineering
  • Principal chemical engineer
  • Computational chemistry and chemical engineer

The Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering requires that students pass a written qualifying examination within three semesters after they have been admitted to the program. The exam is diagnostic in nature, and the results of the exam will determine the student’s potential for success in the doctoral program and recommendations for a future program of study. The examination will cover four core areas: thermodynamics, reaction engineering and kinetics, transport phenomena, and process modeling and control.

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Please consult the university’s course bulletin for specific details on the course and exam requirements associated with the Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering program.