Student Ambassadors

Students are the lifeblood of our campus, and the best way to learn about what it’s like at Illinois Tech is to talk with one of them.

When you visit Illinois Tech or attend one of our events, chances are you’ll meet one of our Hawk Ambassadors or Junior Hawks. Don’t hesitate to ask them real questions like:

  • What’s the toughest part about being a student?
  • How did you make your decision about which college to attend?
  • What do you like the most about Illinois Tech? What do you like the least?
  • How do you beat Chicago winters?

You can connect with one of our ambassadors and learn about student life when you attend any of our virtual events.

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Student Vlogs

A few of our Hawk Ambassadors talk about their favorite things to do on campus. Check out more student-created vlogs on YouTube.

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@scarlethawk.kiera | Chemical Engineering 2nd Year | NROTC, AICHE

@scarlethawk.katelyn | Biomedical Engineering 4th Year | LTD

@scarlethawk.daniel | Biomedical Engineering 4th Year | Tech News, Delta Tau Delta, UNITE

@scarlethawk.sreeha | Architecture 2nd Year | ISA, AIAS, NOMAS | Computer Science 2nd Year | WLAX, Cru, AIA, ACM-W

@scarlethawk.jadess | Architectural Engineering 1st Year | WLAX

@scarlethawk.cassie | Biomedical Engineering / CS 2nd Year | AΣA, BMES, Camras, Cru, SWE

@scarlethawk.jason | Applied Mathematics/Statistics 2nd Year | Kacek RA, ACM, CRU, SGA, WIIT

@scarlethawk.ramya | Biology / Pre-Med 2nd Year | AMSA, Women's Tennis, Duchossois Leadership Scholar

@scarlethawk.elle.elizabeth | Architecture, Biomedical Engineering 2nd Years | Hawk Ambassadors