Tutoring Schedule

ARC on Discord

Online tutoring will be offered via Zoom. You will have to sign in using your Illinois Tech (@hawk.iit.edu) accounts to be allowed into the room. If you are logging into your Illinois Tech Zoom accounts for the first time, please follow these instructions on these following video to link your Hawk Zoom accounts via access.iit.edu:

Activate Zoom via Okta

More information on this is available via OTS.


The calendar below will show all available tutoring sessions (online and in-person) for the entire semester. You can search for multiple subjects (ex: BIOL CHEM PHYS) and/or tutors by name. Links to online tutoring sessions will be available when you click on that session. 

You can also get more information on the tutoring schedule by calling into the ARC at (312)-567-5216 or through our public Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/ZGpUGphFp3

To see a complete list of courses the tutors have taken in the past, see this report.

Tutor Roster and Course Coverage

Welcome to the ARC calendar. To show tutoring hours for the subject you are looking for, start typing in the “Filter” box above. You can also search by tutor name. Example: For biology, type “Biol” 

Click on the “Filter” option to collapse and show the search box.

You can also look for multiple subjects and or tutors at the same time. Separate your search strings by a space. Example: For biology and chemistry, type “biol chem”

For supplemental instruction sessions, select the “SI Schedule” in the “by sub-calendar” field and search for subjects as described above.

Visit The Team page to learn about the ARC scholars.

Final Exam Class Schedule