Executive Director


In March 2019, Elizabeth Durango-Cohen was appointed CACP Executive Director. She is also M. Zia Hassan Endowed Professor of Operations Management at Stuart School of Business. Durango-Cohen's research interests focus on the interface of marketing and operations and on the role of analytics in supporting decision-making. Her work is published in academic journals, including Production and Operations Management, the European Journal of Operations Management, and Management Science.

She earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley.



Mark C. Ubelhart is the newly appointed CACP Executive Advisory Board Chairman. He is a former Hewitt Partner & Corporate Finance/Exec Compensation and Human Capital Practices Leader. He also served as VP of Harris Bank Corporate Financial Consulting head. In his role as Hewitt’s Human Capital Practices Leader, Ubelhart led a large-scale project using Hewitt’s proprietary database of employees’ compensation and employment duration at specific firms to identify pivotal employees and to show that when pivotal employees leave firms at a fast pace, the subsequent CFROIs (cash-flow-return-on-investment) of those firms declined. In contrast, high retention rates of pivotal employees led to increased CFROIs.

He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.