The Center for Advancing Corporate Performance serves as a hub for thought leaders in human capital management, corporate governance and finance. Our aim is to derive data-driven insights. The CACP’s affiliated faculty carry out in-depth analyses and publish research findings to provide actionable insights that have a measurable impact on performance.


The CACP is organized around subject matter experts in management, finance, organization behavior, and analytics, working in collaboration with CACP’s Executive Advisory Board, whose members include executives from a broad range of organizations and in varying positions. The CACP takes on a systems perspective to examine issues of interest to CEOs and corporate directors, as well as to respond to custom research requests from members’ corporate needs.

Through preferred partnerships with leading firms in human capital management, risk management, equity and credit research, and corporate governance, CACP researchers (participating faculty and research fellows) can explore the existence of causal relationships between human capital management and firm performance metrics, such as stock returns, market valuations and future operating performance, by using publicly available data (from Bloomberg, CompuStat, ExecuComp, etc.) as well as data from unique proprietary partner databases.

These partnerships will lead to synergistic value creation. Partner organizations will benefit by incorporating the research findings to generate brand-enhancing content, resulting from CACP’s mining and analysis of the data. The integration of both available public and proprietary data allows CACP’s researchers to engage in a level of research rarely undertaken to push the knowledge frontier on the relationship between firm performance and organizational structure and governance.

About the Stuart School of Business

Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and non-degree programs, all of which are centered on the concept of strategic competitiveness, critical thinking, and evidence-based judgment with the goal of preparing our graduates for professional success.