By tackling the research questions put forth our members, and incorporating the wealth of data collected by our partners, the Center for Advancing Corporate Performance engages in groundbreaking intellectual work; work that is valuable to academics training the next generation of managers, as well as to current senior executives and directors charged with making more effective business decisions for their firms.

CACP experts, such as participating faculty and research fellows, collaborate with organizations that share our goal of better understanding the relationship between organizational structure and the decisions and policies set by top-level executives to improve firms’ financial performance.

Industry partners, including professional associations, provide the context that guarantees that research undertaken by CACP’s experts address problems that are of value to scholars and that are also important to CEOs, governance professions, and corporate directors. CACP’s engagement with industry partners leads to unmatched data-driven insights that help our members effectively manage their organizations. Best practices are shared with CACP’s members. All data provided by partners are safeguarded by CACP’s established security practices and augmented by customized Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Executive Advisory Board members serve as a resource to identify topics of relevance, and to effectuate industry connections. This allows for increased visibility for CACP and allows for members to be recognized as thought-leaders in this space. The Executive Advisory Board also serves as a bridge between industry partners and CACP’s academic experts, providing a mechanism for information exchange and knowledge dissemination.