As part of its mission, the CACP undertakes independent studies on the relationships between corporate governance and organizational practices and the long-term economic and financial performance of firms, with a focus on the organization of boards of directors, governance practices and top management team structure and behavior. Set forth below are key elements of Stuart’s Center for Advancing Corporate Performance involvement with our partners. 


With membership, senior executives, board members and governance professionals connect to a network of professionals and academics to raise the level and quality of discourse around governance, management decisions and regulatory and advisory positions to support superior firm performance and build stronger markets. Member organizations can access academic experts to explore custom research opportunities and request custom advice. CACP members have ongoing opportunities to learn about cutting-edge research findings and best practices via white papers, case studies, executive briefs, and research publications. Bi-annually, members can attend CACP’s conference on governance and performance to deepen expertise, build their network by attending collaborative group sessions, and to increase their value creating impact.

Sponsorship Structure

Be part of this groundbreaking work. The CACP offers opportunities for the following levels of involvement in this exciting venture.


Founding Sponsors

Founding Sponsors are invited to participate in ways that will benefit their organizations. Together with the Executive Advisory Board and Participating Executives, Founding Sponsors help identify relevant research topics for CACP to pursue. Founding Sponsors and their organizations provide financial support to CACP, and are engaged in activities aimed at increasing CAPC visibility and knowledge dissemination. 

Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board consists of a diverse group of CEOs, directors, professional advisors, and policymakers who identify topics of current interest and relevance to their peers and help communicate the CACP’s analytics and research findings to the broader business community. See a list of the members.

Participating Executives

Participating Executives work directly with the CACP’s affiliated faculty and graduate students on specific research projects. Findings are published both as academic journal articles and as executive briefs for distribution to partner organizations, and professional associations and societies.

Participating Professional Associations and Societies

CACP has strategic partnership with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute and the CFA Society Chicago. These partnerships allow the CACP to collaborate on content creation, resource sharing, and distribution of content to a large group of investment professionals.

  • CFA Institute, a global, not-for-profit organization, is the world’s largest association of investment professionals. With over 164,000 members and 151 local member societies worldwide, CFA’s mission is to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.
  • CFA Society Chicago is the sixth largest society under CFA Institute with more than 4,700 investment professionals representing a wide variety of industry classifications and titles. The Society offers diverse programming content, including local luncheon programs that attract top industry speakers, educational and seminars on specialized topics, professional development events and social group outings.

CACP is currently engaged in a joint effort with CFA Society Chicago’s Practitioners Demand Driven Academic Research Initiatives (PDDARI) to study differences in return and risk between Women and Minority Owned Business Entities (WMBE) and traditional funds using data provided by Morningstar.

The Human Capital Management Coalition is a cooperative effort among diverse group of influential investors to further elevate human capital management as a critical component in company performance. CACP supported HCM Coalition’s recently approved petition to the SEC to recommend disclosure of human capital information.