Career Services

Frequently Asked Questions

You will not be automatically notified after your academic adviser approves your application. However, in Handshake under your “Experience,” the status of the academic adviser approval will change from “Pending” to “Approved.” 

You will not be automatically notified after your employer approves your form. However, in Handshake under your “Experience,” the status of the workplace supervisor approval will change from “Pending” to “Approved.” 

Many email accounts have strong firewalls in place, so we understand that in some cases the automated email from Handshake may not get to your academic adviser or workplace supervisor. If this happens, please email and we can personally send an email with the approval link. 

Log into Blackboard. On the left-hand side you will see a section called “Organizations.” Click on it and choose “Office of Global Services/Career Services @ Illinois Tech.” Then go to “Tools” → “Achievements” and save your certificate as a PDF.

No. However, you should ensure the offer letter, and/or supplemental documents, include the following requirements: official company letterhead, job title, start date, exact worksite address, salary, supervisor’s name, and job description. An Experiential Learning team member will review the offer letter once you have uploaded and submitted it onto Handshake.

If you have spoken to your primary adviser and they are unable to review your application, you will need to find an appropriate substitute within the same department. Once you have confirmed with a different faculty member, you can email with the name and email address of the adviser who will be approving your application. An Experiential Learning team member will send you a confirmation email once the application approval link has been sent to the alternative faculty member.

The Experiential Learning Team reviews EL applications according to the date that they are submitted. If you have not received confirmation of review after two business days, you can contact or call at 312.567.6800. Please note: walk-in hours and appointment hours are reserved for quick clarifying questions, not for application review.

All experiences need to be in line with the Academic Calendar. Please review the Key Deadlines before accepting an offer.

If you have not been assigned to a project within a month of starting at a consulting firm, you need to contact the Experiential Learning team immediately. 

If you have been let go from a project, or that project ended earlier than expected, you need to contact the Experiential Learning team immediately and notify the Office of Global Services within 10 days of the end of your employment.