Many of our students engage in research and network with industry professionals through extracurricular activities. To learn more about all of the student organizations affiliated with Armour College of Engineering, visit Armour's Student Organizations page.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers aims to stimulate and develop student interest in chemical engineering and strives to engage students studying chemical engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in social and professional programs. It will enrich chemical engineering students with the knowledge and ideas necessary for their future careers through innovative and creative thought processes.

Graduate Student Association of Chemical and Biological Engineers

The Graduate Students Association of CHBE looks to improve the overall experience for chemical and biological engineering graduate students by encouraging communication and the exchange of experience between them. It also aims to assist by relaying graduate student needs and concerns to the faculty and university offices; assisting graduate students in various aspects and stages of graduate student life; enhancing graduate student recruitment through communication with prospective students; organizing social events to help the exchange of nontechnical experiences and skills; improving personal skills by motivating graduate student involvement in technical seminars, poster sessions, and competitions; and bolstering professional development by fostering interactions between students and alumni who are at various periods of their careers.

Graduate Students Association of Chemical and Biological Engineers