Center for Research and Service

Financial Services Industry—Talent Management Solutions

Our long history of working with clients in the financial industry uniquely positions us to help you recruit, retain, and develop your most valuable asset—your employees. Our team at the Center for Research and Service (CRS) will provide meaningful solutions, strategies, and metrics to assist you in assessing, developing, and leveraging your institution’s human capital. Our robust suite of Talent Management Solutions for the Financial Services Industry can be tailored to your organization’s needs to maximize the potential of your workforce.

Financial Industry Employee Survey

We purchased the flagship survey that once belonged to the Banking Administration Institute (BAI) and have rebranded it as the Financial Industry Employee Survey.  CRS has administered this survey to banks and credit unions of all asset sizes across the country for over 10 years. Your institution’s data will be compared to a robust, proprietary benchmarking database.

Engagement Survey

This 44-item survey is designed to assess the key areas that impact employee engagement. Utilizing an employee engagement survey is slightly different from other surveys measuring employee opinion, attitude, or satisfaction as this type survey taps into how employees may behave opposed to strictly asking employees how they feel about aspects about their work.

Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Providing quality service to customers is of upmost importance for banks and credit unions to remain competitive. Internal customer satisfaction surveys are designed to drive quality improvement in service by identifying potential strengths and areas of development across inter-departmental internal service standards and practices.

Customizable Survey Solutions

In addition to our “off-the-shelf products,” CRS can assist your institution with developing customized surveys from our bank of over 230 professionally developed survey items. Many survey items have benchmark or normative data available to compare your organization to similar institutions.

Leader Assessments and 360-Degree Feedback

The Center 360 is a system designed to assess organizational strengths and development needs from multiple people in an employee’s immediate work circle—as well as a self-evaluation. The goal is to take the information collected and use it to develop specific, targeted action plans to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Tailored to your institution’s unique culture and competencies, the Center 360 gives you the instruments needed to measure leadership competencies and provide customized feedback. Additionally, the CRS offers benchmark, or normative data, based on the assessments of a variety of leaders nationwide.

Team Assessments

Our team assessment surveys will identify the stage at which your team is operating utilizing Blanchard’s four-stage High Performance Team Development Model:

  1. Orientation: Earliest phase of team development
  2. Dissatisfaction: Team member expectations remain disconnected with the reality of the team
  3. Integration: Team members gain increased clarity of their roles with increased task accomplishment
  4. Production: Team members are clear about their purpose, resulting in optimal productivity

The team assessment is designed to assist your group’s current operating style transition to team-based work processes, improve existing team processes and relationships, and provide recommendations for ultimately moving your team to the high production stage where optimal functioning occurs.