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Organizational Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are a well-researched and valuable tool for assessing your workforce’s commitment to your organization, goals, and their fellow associates.  In addition to providing a standardized 44-item survey to assess key areas that impact employee engagement, the Center for Research and Service (CRS) has created a bank of additional survey items that can be used to assess a wide variety of additional topics that have been of value to our clients over the years. This bank of over 230 professionally-developed items can be used to supplement your existing survey or used to build an entirely customized survey.  Many of our items have benchmark or normative data available to allow you to compare your survey results to similar organizations.

Our survey platform is compatible with mobile devices (i.e., iPads, smartphones, tablets), allowing users to complete their surveys on-the-go. 

Engagement surveys are slightly different from other surveys measuring employee opinion, attitude, or satisfaction. Employee satisfaction and opinion surveys solely measure how people feel or think about an issue, rather than how they are likely to behave. As a result, employee satisfaction and opinion surveys may not drive key business results.

Our engagement model is defined by behavior that reflects:

  • Intent to stay
  • Willingness to say
  • Desire to serve


  • Measures employees’ behavioral intentions in addition to how they think or feel about an issue
  • Measures employees’ intellectual and emotional attachment to the organization
  • Shows which factors in your organization exert the most significant influence on your employees’ engagement levels (through the Engagement Driver Analysis report)
  • Provides the opportunity to benchmark against norms based in variety of industries.

Internal Customer Service/Satisfaction Surveys

Internal customer service surveys are designed to drive quality improvement and service climate by measuring satisfaction with service across departments to further improve quality of service to external customers. These surveys typically address the following topics:

  • The timeliness of assistance or information provided
  • The usefulness of the service provided
  • The accuracy of the information provided
  • The respect they were shown by the internal department
  • The degree to which the service department seems to be aligned with their group

Additional topics or questions are added to address the specific organization being surveyed.

Pulse Survey

Often organizations are looking for quick, brief surveys designed to determine if progress is being made on select issues of interest to an organization, or when a longer survey is routinely done every few years and a company would like a quick interim report on how they are progressing.  An example of an appropriate use of pulse survey is when organization institutes a new benefit for its employees and may want to assess how well that benefit is being received by its workforce. CRS is well equipped and ready to assist in deploying these brief, 10 to 15 item surveys in a time and cost-efficient manner.

360 Degree Feedback Tools

The Center 360 is a system designed to assess organizational strengths and development needs from multiple people in an employee’s immediate work circle—as well as a self-evaluation. The goal is to take the information we receive and use it to develop specific, targeted action plans to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Tailored to your organization's culture and competencies, Center 360 gives you the instruments needed to measure leadership competencies and provide customized feedback. Additionally, we offer benchmark data based on the assessments of a wide variety of leaders nationwide.


  • Center 360 is characterized by easy implementation, speed, and usability. It can be administered anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. There is no software installation, no programming, and no downloads. With a web-based system, you need only to connect to the Internet using your web browser in order to be able to move forward.  
  • Our system is compatible with mobile devices (i.e., iPads, smartphones, tablets), allowing users to complete their surveys on-the-go.
  • The respondent interface works with most web browsers and is professional, efficient, and intuitive.
  • Because we are housed at Illinois Institute of Technology, we are able to provide a secure, high-speed connection to the system’s server.

Confidentiality and Credibility

  • We assure confidentiality of individual responses, which will help you to get candid and honest participation. You can establish minimum reporting rules for each category to ensure confidentiality.
  • Given our status as an outside organization as well as a center within an institution of higher education, survey respondents may feel more comfortable conveying their true opinions without fear of reprisal.


  • We are available when you need us and our support is “real” rather than virtual. Our team is qualified to answer your questions and is available to give you the help when you need it.
CRS 360 Degree Diagram



  • Provides employees a broad perspective of how they are perceived by others
  • ​Provides rich data for use in creating developmental plans
  • Provides the basis for focused developmental discussion with managers
  • Helps employees to better understand their performance and actions
  • Encourages increased self-awareness