Validated Pre-Employment Testing

The Center for Research and Service (CRS) designs and administers personnel processes to help organizations find the right people for the right job. We have a wide variety of experience in this area from developing paper and pencil tests for manufacturing positions, to conducting individual assessment with a series of tests, to creating and administering online simulations for service personnel. 

Individual Assessment

CRS provides in-depth assessment for selecting or promoting management-level candidates. The process includes standardized tests, structured interviews, and 360 degree feedback. All individual assessments are conducted by an experienced industrial-organizational psychologist assisted by Ph.D. students. The process culminates in a written feedback report and meeting with the person being assessed. Feedback meetings often include the assessed person’s manager or hiring manager.

Assessment Centers

The assessment center process is a comprehensive assessment of leadership or management competencies often used for decision making regarding promotions, succession planning, and/or leadership development. The process includes a collection of simulation exercises such as one-on-one interviewteam meeting with other participants in the assessment center, role-play interaction, in-basket exercises. These exercises are developed to simulate some of the situations, activities, or interactions that an employee may experience at the respective organization and are designed to represent work experiences that allow the participant to demonstrate key behaviors that the organization values. Performance is observed and rated by a collection of highly-trained and experienced assessors, who also serve as guides throughout the day.


  • Provides potential job candidates the opportunity to display the attributes or abilities necessary for the job
  • Provides incumbent employees the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant for succeeding at their job
  • Identifies strengths and developmental areas as they relate to the competencies set forth by the company
  • Provides participants with the opportunity for a one-on-one feedback meeting detailing their performance in the assessment center
  • Provides participants with a full feedback report summarizing performance and outlining major results.

Review an assessment center case study with a software development firm.

Personnel Test Validation

CRS designs, constructs, and validates structured tests and interviews for various personnel assessments used for selection or promotion. This includes:

  • Conducting job analyses
  • Working with subject matter experts
  • Drafting trial items and conducting pilot testing
  • Gathering and correlating past performance data with test results

Deliverables include:

  • All final instruments developed
  • Complete documentation of the development process
  • Instructions for use of the validated instruments and processes.