Benchmark Research 

The Center for Research and Service conducts research to identify best practices and metrics for human resources. We also conduct literature reviews based on topics related to human resources and organizational development (e.g., leadership, training, recruiting).

Comment/Content Analysis

The center organizes written responses to open-ended survey items into content themes, by frequency. These written responses provide a qualitative compliment to the numeric data shown in other survey reports.

Educational Testing

We provide management of special testing programs for outside organizations (placement, certification, etc.). An example of our testing management surveys is our program for administering tests for selection into Chicago Public School (CPS) gifted and classical programs. Each year CRS administers and scores up to 17,000 standardized tests for children from Kindergarten to sixth grade. Working in partnership with the Chicago Public School system, we insure the students are properly and fairly tested.

Program Evaluation

We provide research on the effectiveness of your organization’s employee-related programs, such as training, executive coaching, and recruiting.