The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee meets monthly to provide guidance to the President regarding parity, inclusion, and representation for students, faculty, and staff at each campus location. Through its subcommittees and episodic ad-hoc groups, the full committee requests and analyzes data, creates action plans, and recommends comprehensive strategies aimed at dismantling power imbalances. This group is chaired by Alicia Bunton and committee members are listed below. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email Hilary Hudson Hosek

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Alicia Bunton
Committee Co-Chair
Assistant Vice President, Community Affairs

"Before my role in academia, my career spanned 20 years in public health addressing issues of parity, inclusion, and representation for people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS in nine counties. I believe that everyone deserves equal economic, political, educational, and social rights and opportunities, particularly those who have been historically marginalized and in greatest need. I am committed to both DEI and social justice by changing processes and systems that perpetuate exclusion and discrimination."

Helen Ezenwa
Committee Co-Chair
Assistant Dean for External Relations and Career Management, Stuart School of Business

Roya Ayman
Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology

Shadi Beidas
Security Analyst, OTS, User and Technology Services

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion are often used as buzzwords at any institution. I want us to knit together the rich tapestry of the people we have right in front of our eyes. I want to help plan, design, and implement long-lasting changes to this institution so that we may shine as a beacon for others to follow. I want to stop being the person who is shut out from opportunity because of my race, disability, and queerness. Because I want a world where we can see a generation free from the shackles of systemic prejudice."

Don Chmielewski
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Kenneth T. Christensen
Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Natacha DePaola
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Julie Diemer
Associate General Counsel

Arveal Drummer
Director, Graduate and Professional Advancement

Raj Echambadi

Britt Burton-Freeman
Chair, Professor, and Director, Institute for Food Science and Health

Dee Gonzalez
Coordinator Regulatory Matters, General Counsel's Office

"I had my daughter at the young age of 16 and still graduated from high school on time. I immediately went to college, graduated with honors, and started my career as a paralegal. I am married to a Puerto Rican with three children. This is my melting pot!  DEI is important to me because I experienced a lack of opportunity as a minority and a woman in my early career due to lack of resources and discrimination. Nevertheless, I always had someone who believed in me and "spoke life" into me and my journey. This enabled me to successfully overcome many challenges in life in addition to my belief system. I believe in mentorship, policy, community, change, unity, and growth. I firmly believe that when a community values its people and all of the cultures therein, inclusivity automatically occurs and we are stronger together."

Ron Henderson
Professor and Director, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Program

"My interest in serving on the committee grows out of my research and professional work on urban planning and landscape architecture issues of space, memorialization, and governance as structures for gender and racial justice and injustice."

Cindy Hood
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Hilary Hudson Hosek
Chief People Officer and Vice President for Human Resources and Talent Development

Adrienne Irmer
Associate Vice President for Government Affairs

"The work of DEI resonates with me on a personal level, and it is my goal to bring the lens of equity to any role I have, especially now that I serve in leadership with Illinois Tech. This is valuable work that makes the workplace better for everyone and helps to create a safe learning space for all our students. Representation matters now more than ever."

Jackie McGhee
Executive Assistant to Dean of Students, Student Affairs

"I promote diversity, equity and inclusion in my role everyday, by challenging others to think about their own bias and how that affects their interactions with those they encounter in their everyday lives. It is not enough to say that you believe in DEI work and treat it as just another "box" to check. You must wholeheartedly live it and stride towards achieving the equity that all are owed."

Diep Nguyen
Industry Professor, Chemistry

"Mother nature is the best synthesis chemist. With a few elements, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, she makes a diverse human population. It is an amazing feat. For me, this is diversity at its best. Each student is a unique and special set of elements put together specifically for them. They are different and their beauty is unique. My role is to encourage them to bloom on their own time."

Nichole Novak  
Head of Reference and Instruction Services

Marsha Ross-Jackson
Associate Dean and ODEI Director

Katie Stetz
Dean of Students

Amit Thomas
Senior Director for Human Resources

Liad Wagman
John and Mae Calamos Dean Endowed Chair and professor of economics and at Stuart School of Business

Gary Walley
Associate Vice President, Student Health and Wellness

Bruce Watts
Vice President for Administration

Geoff Williamson
Professor/Associate Dean, Electrical and Computer Engineering

"DEI is important to me because we are all better off when every individual is treated with the dignity and respect we all deserve. I envision a future where that becomes a reality in the Illinois Tech environment, and I want to contribute effort to making it happen!"