Building Monitors

Building Monitors

Building monitors work with Illinois Tech facilities to ensure that Illinois Tech buildings and spaces are in good working order. These individuals act as a point of contact between building occupants and the facilities department for building maintenance concerns. Their objective is to proactively address problems or concerns before they impact the users of the space. 

Please reach out to your building monitor regarding any corresponding space issues to be addressed if you are not able to enter a HawkWorks or MyRoom request, or if you are unable to get in touch with the Facilities Service Desk at 312.567.3320. If your concern is an emergency, please contact Public Safety at 312.808.6363.

Building Address Monitor Phone
E-mail address
Alumni Memorial Hall 3201 South Dearborn Street Clarice Edwards 312.567.3542
Carman Hall 60 East 32nd Street Eric Swinehart 312.808.6403
Carr Chapel 65 East 32nd Street Rachel Hirsh 312.567.5184
Crown Hall 3360 South State Street Mark Osorio 312.567.3487
Cunningham Hall 3100 South Michigan Avenue John McMahon 312.567.5246
Farr Hall 3300 S. Michigan Avenue John McMahon 312.567.5246
Fraternities Various John McMahon 312.567.5246
Galvin Library 35 West 33rd Street Jennifer Worrell 312.567.5136
Gunsaulus Hall 3140 South Michigan Avenue Eric Swinehart 312.808.6403
Hermann Hall 3241 South Federal Street Janessa Barbian 312.567.3077
The Bog 65 East 32nd Street Jackie McGhee 312.567.3081
IIT Tower 10 West 35th Street Josh Siegel 312.567.3060
Incubator 55 West 34th Street Josh Siegel 312.567.3060

Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship 3137 South Federal Street Casey Crail 312.567.3162
Kacek Hall 3101 South Wabash Avenue John McMahon 312.567.5246
Keating Hall 3040 South Wabash Avenue Kirk Lamitie 312.567.3239
John T. Rettaliatta Engineering Center (E1) 10 West 32nd Street Faith Kancauski    312.567.8980
Robert A. Pritzker Science Center 3105 South Dearborn Street Todd Kersh 312.567.3868
Life Science Research Building 35 West 34th Street Jim Gauger 312.567.4954
Machinery Hall 100 West 33rd Street Eileen Hermle 312.567.3320
Main Building 3300 South Federal Street Offline 312.808.6300
McCormick Student Village 3241 South Wabash Street Eric Swinehart 312.808.6403
Metals Building 3350 South Federal Street Michael Gillhouse 312.567.3259
MTCC/Commons 3201 South State Street Jackie McGhee 312.567.3081
Perlstein Hall 10 West 33rd Street Delores Woods 312.567.3041
Power Plant 3430 South Federal Street Jeff Barrie 312.567.7132
Siegel Hall 3301 South Dearborn Street Amber Moore 312.567.5128
Sororities Various John McMahon 312.567.5246
Rowe Village 3303/3333/3353 South State Street Eric Swinehart 312.808.6403
Stuart Building 10 West 31st Street John Kazibut 312.567.7962
Tech Business Center 3440 South Dearborn Street Alec Chialdikas 312.235.3635

Tech Central/Tech South 3424-40 South State Street Josh Siegel 312.567.3060
Tech North 3410 South State Street Mark Osorio 312.567.3487
Vandercook College of Music 3140 South Federal Street/ 3120 South Dearborn Street Patrick Benson 312.788.1193
Wishnick Hall 3255 South Dearborn Street Cathie D'Amico 312.567.5342