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Facilities often has multiple projects going on, and you can learn more about what we’re doing around campus on our Information Updates page.


Facilities MTCC

A zebra doesn't change its stripes, but they do need to be refreshed! The burgundy-on-black zebra-stripe facade on our iconic McCormick Tribune Campus Center is being renewed after 20 years. The project includes an elastomeric acrylic base coat (first photo) topped with an elastomeric acrylic burgundy stencil coat. Second photo shows before (left) and after (right). Third photo shows the stencil. Credit to Combined Roofing Services LLC, and Holibard and Root, for their work on this project.

Facilities MTCC Stripes

Facilities Mies van der Rohe

We've been busy preparing to welcome new and returning students, faculty, and staff. Note our three Mies van der Rohe housing towers, two completely renovated and one just starting, a brand new roof on the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, and an excellent job by our grounds crew on our historic Alfred Caldwell landscape. More on Caldwell here


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