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The Department of Food Science and Nutrition prepares its graduates for careers that involve the application of science, technology, engineering, and regulatory compliance to address current food- and health-related issues.

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The Department of Food Science and Nutrition unique programs provide foundational instruction in food science and nutrition with contemporary practical training in topics pertinent to the food, manufacturing, pharma/biotech, and agricultural industries, including operations management, computation and data analytics, regulatory compliance, and design thinking.

Sissi Zhang

Studying Gut Microbiomes to Understand Prediabetes

Illinois Institute of Technology researcher and alumna Xuhuiqun “Sissi” Zhang (Ph.D. FDSN ’20) has found that young and middle-aged adults with prediabetes have an altered gut microbiome composition that impacts their metabolic health.

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Big Picture Magazine - Lewis College of Science and Letters - Fall 2020 Edition

Excelling in the Food Industry

As a food technologist at Vanee Foods Company, alumna Gina Oberoi (BCHM, M.S. FST ’18) researches and develops new food products for use in chain restaurants and foodservice. Read about her career path in the Fall 2020 issue of Big Picture.

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Students research the effects of berries.

Hands-On Research Opportunities

Students in the food science and nutrition departments have a multitude of opportunities to conduct research, including working with faculty members who work directly with industry, government, and regulators. 

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Learn and Do!

Food science and nutrition courses—including FDSN 508 Food Product Development—offer students a hands-on experience with visits to institutions like Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations Center. The objective of FDSN 508 is to prepare students for entering food product development through a team project experience. Students are challenged to form a food product project team with the key functional roles of a commercial food product development venture that include marketing, processing, packaging, food safety, formulation, and nutrition departments. The course concludes in a team product pitch with food prototypes presented to industry mentors who serve as a mock executive industry panel.




“There are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in research—which was a great hands-on supplement to coursework, especially with Illinois Tech’s partnership with the Food and Drug Administration. Chicago is also a great city to be in for working the food industry because Institute of Food Technologists is headquartered here, and there are a lot of food companies located in the Chicagoland area/Midwest.”

Gina Oberoi (B.S. BCHM/M.A.S. FST ’18)

Gian Oberoi

“I had great experience at Illinois Tech. I could do much more than just gain academic knowledge. I was able to participate and lead in student activities such as founding the food science club, getting elected as area rep for Midwest Region of Institute of Food Technologists Student Association student body, and many other IFT events. This led to an overall personality development and confidence that has helped me in achieving success.” 

Neeraj Kamath (M.S. FPE ’16)

“Illinois Tech has an intensive and challenging food science curriculum, with faculty to boast of alongside the ability to work for the United States Food and Drug Administration—which is a key point to think of. Additionally, great mentors and associates make the food science journey memorable. Its vast resources can very well be taken into account, considering the Institute for Food Safety and Health library and online portal that makes accessing journals and research articles convenient and rapid.”

Pratistha Banerjee (M.S. FST ’19)

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