Human Resources

F.6 Restricted Duty Assignments

Policy No. F. 6.00

Date of Issue 7/2/2014

The university may, at its discretion, offer temporary, restricted duty assignments for employees with temporary work-related restrictions due to an illness or injury. Restricted duty assignments are temporary job assignments for employees injured or otherwise incapacitated. These assignments are temporary assignments only, are not vacant or permanent positions within the university, and are not available to employees on a permanent basis under any circumstances. The availability of such restricted duty assignments depends on the employee’s restrictions and the business needs of the university. The existence of this policy does not guarantee that restricted duty will be available at any time or for any particular employee.


Restricted duty assignments will not be considered for employees who have permanent restrictions. In such event, the university will review the employee’s situation to determine the appropriate action, if any, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, other applicable law and other relevant university policies.


If a restricted duty assignment is available, an employee will be assigned a temporary assignment only after the university receives a written statement from the employee’s treating health care provider. In general, the university will review the status of the temporary assignment with the affected employee every 30-60 days, depending upon the university’s business needs and the employee’s condition, to determine if continuation of the assignment is appropriate.


If a restricted duty assignment is offered and approved by the employee’s health care provider, and the employee refuses to accept the temporary assignment, his/her refusal may affect the employee’s right to workers’ compensation benefits under applicable law. However, if the employee’s injury or illness qualifies as a serious health condition for the purposes of the Family and Medical Leave Act, such refusal to accept the assignment will not impact the employee’s rights under such Act.


Employees working in a restricted duty job will be held to appropriate performance standards of that job to include, but not necessarily be limited to, attendance, performance quality and achievement of goals. Failure to perform satisfactorily in a restricted duty job may subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination.