A student shows her paper to a staff member at the writing center

To ensure that students' writing needs are met during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Illinois Tech Writing Center will be offering online collaboration sessions for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Illinois Tech students can seek assistance with written and oral assignments. We provide one-on-one conferences for both undergraduate and graduate students. All tutor-student conferences are confidential and not linked to classroom instructors.

Tutors can assist with any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining to final touches and reference sheets. Tutors read academic writing with a critical eye given not only to grammar and syntax, but also to understanding assignments, paragraph structure, clarity of ideas, strategies for revision, and even strengthening arguments.

For availability or to make an appointment with the Writing Center please visit TutorTrac.    

We have increased the duration of the appointments from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Please be available to chat with us during the one-to-one session via Google Drive Chat. You can do this from your computer, as well as from your iOS or Android device. Click here for information on how to use Google Drive Chat. 

To maximize the efficiency of each session, please do the following:

  • Create a Google Document with your paper and share it with your tutor. If you don't know how to convert your paper into a Google Doc, you can share a Microsoft Word document. Please do this at least an hour before the time of the appointment. 
  • Send an email to your tutor that includes documents given to you by the instructor associated with the assignment.
  • Write a brief explanation about the type of help you need from us and tell us what areas of your writing you'd like us to focus on. You can do this via email or in the "Notes" section of the "Appointment Entry" window when making an appointment in TutorTrac. 

If you schedule an appointment with Room 233, send an email to Naum at nneskosk@iit.edu. If you make an appointment with Room 232, send an email to Katerina at kilievsk@iit.edu