A student shows her paper to a staff member at the writing center

Illinois Tech students can seek assistance with written and oral assignments at the Illinois Tech Writing Center, a student self-referral service located in Siegel Hall, rooms 232–233. The Writing Center provides one-on-one, 30–minute conferences for both undergraduate and graduate students. All tutor-student conferences are confidential and not linked to classroom instructors.

Tutors can assist with any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining to final touches and reference sheets. Tutors read academic writing with a critical eye given not only to grammar and syntax, but also to understanding assignments, paragraph structure, clarity of ideas, strategies for revision, and even strengthening arguments.

Tutors are available during the fall and spring semesters to assist all Illinois Tech students. Appointments can be made in advance on the sign–up sheets on the doors of the Writing Center in Siegel Hall. Walk-in appointments are also possible when tutors are not working with scheduled students.

Faculty tutors are available on weekdays on a walk-in basis, with available walk-in times posted on the faculty office doors of Seigel Hall 232 and 233. Wait times to see a faculty tutor are always 30 minutes or less. Please let the tutor know of your arrival immediately so that on-going tutoring sessions may end in a timely manner.   

Reserved appointments for faculty tutors may also be made online at TutorTrac.

Please contact Naum Neskoski with any questions.