Writing Guides

IIT Writing Center

One-to-one help with writing assignments is available in the IIT Writing Center, which provides assistance with assignments in engineering, science, and technical communication courses as well as courses in the humanities (literature, history, art & architecture history, philosophy) and social sciences.

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The Writing Process

Everyone has different approaches to creating documentation, but the general process occurs:


Determine the purpose and audience for your documentation that allows you to generate ideas to narrow your topic and create a framework to begin drafting.


Once you have a framework for your writing and have taken notes from your evidence, you can begin writing.


After your first draft, getting response and feedback is important to identify strengths and weaknesses in your writing.

When revising your work, review all the responses to your paper and start from the beginning. Examine your purpose and thesis to make sure that each paragraph supports both in a logical manner.

Editing and Proof-Reading

After revisions, set aside your work for a day or so and then review it for errors. With a clear head, most problems are easy to find and correct.

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