Research is a key component to prewriting in college and professional writing. When conducting your research, it is important to determine keywords on your topic for searching. The keywords are determined through prewriting activities, such as brainstorming, clustering etc.

IIT provides a wide range of resources through Galvin Library Research Help. The Galvin Library provides resources within the library and also virtually. The online help guides along with librarian assistance provide you with the resources you need to do all your research.

In addition to the resources at Galvin Library, the World Wide Web is also a resource for your research. The Internet allows timely and wide distribution of information, although with over 36 million websites and information being posted by anyone, it is important to evaluate Internet information. The problems with data credibility on the Internet are:

  • Information is not subject to censorship by govt. agencies or professional association
  • Information can be released prematurely
  • Search engines may not display the best source of information first

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