Summer Research Writing Workshop

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The Summer Research Writing Workshop helps graduate students at Illinois Institute of Technology cultivate their writing skills and achieve their research goals. Geared toward students who are ready to start writing about their research, every participant who completes the workshop will have a finished dissertation chapter or publishable journal/conference article prepared for submission by the end of the workshop.

Students will begin the workshop by formulating and scheduling specific writing goals, and will intensely plan and write throughout the sessions. The workshop is designed by writing expert Hannah Ringler, assistant teaching professor of humanities at Illinois Tech, and is crafted to teach students to master the mechanics and conventions of academic writing, understand and adhere to submission guidelines and publication standards, and write excellent research papers in a hands-on workshop environment. The cohort is capped at 12 students to ensure that every student gets the attention and support to succeed.

Summer Research Writing Workshop Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Hear what past Summer Research Writing Workshop participants have to say!

“This is different from what I learn in MMAE. However, as I have a lot of writing to do as a graduate student, this was very helpful in understanding the academic writing process, which I would not have gotten exposed to in graduate school otherwise.”

“I learned about catering my writing toward different technical audiences, methods of outlining, responding to paper corrections, and a number of other things.”

“I felt I learned a lot of behind-the-scenes of writing a paper.”

“I learned not only the way to write professionally, but culturally. I have learned a lot about the English culture while joining this program.”

“I learned the way to finish a professional thesis. It is so useful.”

Workshop Dates

The Summer Research Writing Workshop is a non-credit, four-week academic writing workshop for graduate students in any discipline. Students will meet in person from 10 a.m.–noon on Monday to Friday, which includes a writing lab session to work one-on-one with the instructor to integrate feedback. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Summer 2024 workshop runs July 15–August 9, 2024.

Workshop Instructor

Hannah Ringler

The Summer Research Writing Workshop is designed by Hannah Ringler, an assistant teaching professor and director of writing in Illinois Tech’s Department of Humanities. Ringler has extensive experience in academic writing and publication, having taught and tutored students in academic writing for more than seven years. She is an expert in writing across disciplines, including areas such as computer science, engineering, the natural sciences, and humanities.

The Summer 2024 workshop will be taught by an outside writing expert (TBD), though still using Ringler’s design.

Registration and Fees

Please use the following form to request registration for a graduate student:

The workshop fee is $2,000 per student. This fee may either be paid directly, or advisers may pay this fee on behalf of their students if allowable by their funding guidelines. If using a sponsored project or grant to pay this fee, please ensure funds are budgeted and approved appropriately and contact OSRP for assistance or questions.


Questions can be directed to instructor Hannah Ringler at