Atomic force microscope: Agilent Pico-Plus system, available for high-resolution imaging of surface morphology, measurements of surface adhesion, affinity of ligand-receptor (antigen-antibody) interaction (~pN), elasticity of soft (kPa) and hard (GPa) materials.

Thermal evaporator: Thin-layer metal coating with precision on the nanometer scale.

Cell culture facility: Culture of mammalian cells.

Research computing cluster

Quantum Design Physical Properties Measurement system (PPMS): Capable of temperatures of 1.8 – 400 K and magnetic fields of 0-9 T. 75 – 110 GHz full range EPR bridge integrated into the PPMS. Magnetic susceptometer also integrated into the PPMS. Resistivity probes for sensor analysis and controlled gas input also integrated into the PPMS.

Patch-clamp system: Capable of performing single-channel recording.

Biochemistry and Biology facility:

  • -80 °C freezer
  • -20 °C freezer
  • 4 °C refrigerator
  • Refrigerated microcentrifuges
  • Refrigerated benchtop centrifuge
  • SDS PAGE setup
  • Water bath
  • Incubator
  • Gel dryer and vacuum system

Sensor setup: For testing and evaluation of gas sensor materials.

Catalysts evaluation setup: For the testing and evaluation of catalysts materials.

26 seat research lab (Tech Park South 2030): Large set of Ardunio based kits for student application experiments.

A Bruker D2 Phaser powder diffractometer at IIT and beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory are available for use in sensor research.

Electrochemical Instruments:

  • Solartron multi-channel potentiostat with frequency response analyzer
  • Gamry potentiostats
  • Pine rotating ring-disk electrode (RRDE)
  • Two electrochemical cyclers
  • Isothermal microcalorimeter
  • Three fuel cell testing stations
  • Battery/coin cell fabrication infrastructure
  • Redox flow battery test station