Investigation of protein transport in functionalized polymeric nanopores
PI: Xiyun Guan
Sponsor: NSF (2203763)
Budget: $ 371,081.00 (08/01/2022 – 07/31/2025)

Point-of-care device for periodontitis
PI: Abhinav Bhushan
Sponsor: NIH/U Chicago (5UL1TR002389) – Advancing Translational Science in Metropolitan Chicago
Grant period: 07/2022 - 06/2023
* Collaborators include Rong Wang (IIT) and Russell Pesavento (UIC).

SCH: Multidimensional Microfluidic Salivary Sensor with Adversarial Knowledge Distillation for Point-of-Care Assessment of Periodontitis and Comorbidities
PI: Rong Wang
Sponsor: NIH (NIDCR/OD R01DE031832)        
Budget: $ 1,189,931.00 (09/23/2021 - 08/31/2025)
* This is a grant with collaborators Xiyun Guan, Yuanbing Mao, Yan Yan, Abhinav Bhushan, Jeremy Hajek, John Green, David Minh, Ishaque Khan at IIT, and Mathew Mathew, Russell Pesavento and other colleagues at UIC.

Personalized Watch-based Fall Risk Analysis and Detection with Cross Modal Learning
PI: Yan Yan
Sponsor: NSF (2123521)
Budget: $ 209,505.00 (09/01/2021—08/30/2026)        

CNS Core: Small: Collaborative: Content-Based Viewport Prediction Framework for Live Virtual Reality Streaming
PI: Yan Yan
Sponsor: NSF (2109982)
Budget: $ 125,982.00 (01/01/2021—07/31/2023)

Integrative labeling, imaging, and reconstruction tools for high-throughput inhibitory microconnectivity analysis in the mouse brain
PI: Yan Yan
Sponsor: NIH (R01MH123402)
Budget: $ 3,144,081(08/20/2020—08/19/2023)

Collaborative Research: RAPID: Molecular underpinnings that define volatile compound signature of the lung
PI: Abhinav Bhushan
Sponsor: NSF (MCB-2031762)
Grant Period: 07/01/2020 - 06/30/2022

CNS Core: Small: Collaborative: Interpretable Multi-Modal Neural Network Pruning for Edge Devices
PI: Yan Yan
Sponsor: NSF (1908658)
Budget: $532,000.00 (10/01/2019—09/30/2023)

Elucidating Binding using Bayesian Inference to Integrate Multiple Data Sources
PI: David Minh
Sponsor: NSF (1905324)
Budget: $ 240,000.00 (09/01/2019 – 08/31/2023)

Collaborative Research: From Synthesis, Local and Electronic Structures, to Optical and Scintillating Properties of Lanthanoid Hafnate Nanoparticles
PI: Yuanbing Mao
Sponsor: NSF (1952803)
Budget: $ 121,625.00 (08/01/2019—06/30/2021)

Matrix mediated electrical stimulation of fibroblast cells for restoring biomechanics of vaginal wall connective tissues
PI: Rong Wang
Sponsor: NIH (NICHD R15HD096410)
Budget: $ 440,130.00 (05/15/2019 - 04/30/2023)

Label-Free Nanopore Biosensor for Rapid, Ultrasensitive, and Multiplex Detection of Protease Activities
PI: Xiyun (Richard) Guan
Sponsor: NIH (R15GM110632)
Budget: $ 422,520.00 (09/30/2017 – 08/31/2021)

Solid-State Nanopore-based MMP/ADAM Profiling for Early Cancer Detection
PI: Xiyun (Richard) Guan
Sponsor: NSF (DMR1708596)
Budget: $ 360,000.00 (08/15/2017 – 07/31/2021)