Industrial Technology and Management

Letter from the Director

Pamela Houser

Welcome to the Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) program at Illinois Tech. The INTM program was officially established in fall 1994 as a transfer program for technical specialists who were working in manufacturing, and is now known as the Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management. The Master of Industrial Technology and Operations degree program was added in 2001.  The curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for managerial positions in industry, and offers specializations pertinent to manufacturing, facilities management, construction technology, supply chain/logistics, and industrial sustainability.

INTM programs enable students to further their understanding of industrial operations, managerial approaches and best practices, and how to utilize various technologies employed in industry. The program is geared toward working adults, therefore the majority of courses are offered on evenings and online. INTM faculty are industry professionals who bring years of direct experience into the classroom.

INTM graduates are employed in many sectors of industry—as plant managers, operations managers, supply chain analysts, project managers, demand planners, facility managers, construction estimators, and many other roles. The ability to perform and excel in such positions requires a combination of higher education, relevant experience, goal-setting, and focused determination. Companies have become much more innovative, global, and focused on customer service, and they demand from their employees a solid aptitude for managing costs and improving quality and the customer experience.

The student experience extends beyond the campus of Illinois Tech. The city of Chicago is unparalleled in its economic vibrancy and cultural diversity, and at its center is a healthy manufacturing base and a hub for transportation and commerce. Illinois Tech’s historic Mies Campus is located in close proximity to the downtown area, providing limitless opportunities for cultural, dining, and travel experiences.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions about the INTM program and Illinois Tech.

Pamela Houser

Interim Director, Industrial Technology and Management Program