Lewis College Launches Spring 2022 Issue of Big Picture Magazine



By Linsey Maughan
A cover shot of Big Picture with a Oscar Juarez in the lab

Lewis College of Science and Letters has published the spring 2022 edition of Big Picture, the Lewis College online magazine. The publication is distributed via email newsletter to faculty, students, alumni, and peer institutions, and highlights achievements across the college’s seven departments as well as updates from students and alumni. Below you can find all of the articles from the spring issue.

Lewis College News

Taking Aim at Cholera, Professors Lead the Charge to Develop New Oral Antibiotics

Your Next Personal Nutritionist Could Be AI

Using Supercomputers to Decode Genetics

New Professor Brings Separation Science and Sustainability Research to Chemistry Department

Student and Alumni Successes

Examining Artificial Intelligence in Farming and Agriculture

Health Care from the Heart

From Middle America to Meta

Utilizing Data Analytics to Improve Food Stamp Access