Submitting a Proposal

Throughout the proposal preparation process, the research administrator in the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs will work with the principal investigator and review all documents to ensure that the proposal meets all sponsor requirements, regulatory guidelines and University policies.

Per Illinois Tech policy, the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs is the only office who can submit proposals on behalf of the University. Likewise, OSRP is the only office who can accept awards on behalf of the University. The award is to the University and not to the principal investigator.

PLEASE NOTE: Illinois Tech requires complete proposal packages (to include the budget, budget justification, all technical sections, access to the agency portal (if applicable) and complete routing in Cayuse SP (signature of PI, Co-PIs, Chair and Dean) to be submitted no later than close business two (2) days prior to the agency deadline. In the case of complex proposals (e.g., those with multi-task, multi-year budgets; contracts requiring review; proposals involve multiple institutions), the principal investigator must provide to OSRP the completed proposal (regardless of the submission method) no later than five (5) business days prior to the agency deadline.

Once the proposal has been reviewed by the OSRP research administrator, and has determined that it is ready for submission, the Director of OSRP (or designee) will submit the proposal.

Proposals not meeting internal deadlines risk not being submitted.

All proposals will be submitted prior to the agency deadline or no later than 5:00 pm CST.

The full policy regarding proposal submission can be found here.

Submission Deadlines

Timely submission of your proposal to a sponsor depends on your providing complete and accurate information as well as meeting internal submission deadlines. OSRP reviews and submit many different proposals for the same deadline. Proposals not meeting internal submission deadlines and sponsor guidelines may not be submitted.