Preparing a Proposal

1. Review Proposal Solicitations/Confirm PI Eligibility

After a Funding Opportunity of interest has been identified, the proposal guidelines within the Funding opportunity should be reviewed in detail.

Proposals submitted for extramural funding (research, training, etc.) must include an eligible individual to serve as Principal Investigator (PI). IIT is legally bound to ensure that projects comply with all federal regulations and sponsor requirements of projects. The PI is responsible for the scientific and administrative conduct of all aspects of the project as well as accurate and timely reporting, including but not limited to technical reports, patent reports, and such other matters. In addition, the PI is expected to personally participate in the project to a significant and meaningful degree. Please click here to view the PI Eligibility Policy. OSRP offers proposal preparation guidance, templates and checklists for various sponsors. For NSF and NIH proposals, please click here.

2. Notify Sponsored Research and Programs of the Intention to Submit the Proposal

At least 20 business days prior to submission, please start a routing sheet with the General Investigators and Subcontract tabs completed. Please do not email Sponsored Research and Programs as that will duplicate efforts.

3. Getting Started With Cayuse (PI Resources)

Cayuse SP is used for PIs to route, certify and receive approval for proposals, contracts, and other types of agreements internally. For further information and to get started with Cayuse please click here.

4. Develop Your Proposal

The principal investigator will work with the research administrator in the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs. The OSRP research administrator will:

  • Review the proposal guidelines to ensure that the proposal can meet sponsor guidelines, regulatory guidelines and University policies.
  • Collect information to develop the "current and pending" documentation for the proposal. The PI, Co-PIs and other key personnel (if applicable) work with the research administrator to verify this information.
  • Assure that all co-investigators and the chair, department head, dean (as applicable) have signed off on the proposal via Cayuse.
  • Assure that all required conflict of interest certifications have been completed.
  • Assure that all required financial conflict of interest certifications have been completed.
  • Assure that all required subject compliance (human and animal) certifications have been completed.
  • Review and complete all representations, certifications and other administrative documentation that may be required as part of the proposal submission.
  • Verify appointments and salaries for all personnel listed on the proposal are correct as per the appointment letter.
  • Review the budget.
  • Review the budget justification to ensure the costs stated are reasonable, allowable, consistent and allocable.
  • Verify that the correct fringe benefit rates and indirect cost rates have been used and are calculated properly.
  • Review all cost share commitments and obtaining all supporting documentation.
  • Collect all contractor and/or subrecipient documentation (SOW, budget, budget justification) and other documentation when applicable.
  • Review the proposal package to ensure that all sponsor requirements have been addressed, formatting requirements have been met.

The principal investigator will provide the research administrator with all technical components of the proposal adhering to Illinois Tech internal guidelines .

Internal Deadlines

Proposal Submission Timeline