Building a Culture of Cybersecurity

In an effort to build a culture of cybersecurity at Illinois Tech, OTS will be reaching out our students, faculty, and staff to raise the level of awareness about how creative cyber criminals can be in trying to trick us into clicking on bogus links or attachments that could lead to security issues. To this end, OTS has instituted annual, mandatory, cybersecurity training for all members of our community. In this training, you will gain a better understanding of the variety of methods cyber criminals use to gain access to our systems, personal information, and data, and what to do when you find yourself or even suspect you have found yourself in that situation.

In addition, throughout the year via posters, UPshow screens around campus, and more, we will remind you to remain vigilant against phishing and other attempts to gain illegitimate access to our university data and personal information. 

To report a phishing attempt, please review the steps outlined here, call 312.567.3375, or email

Cybersecurity is OUR COLLECTIVE responsibility. Be an Illinois Tech Cybersecurity Hero!