What is Phishing and What Can I Do to Help?

“Phishing” is a type of cybercrime in which hackers try to gain access to sensitive information, such as usernames and/or passwords, by pretending to be a person or organization the user trusts. Hackers are improving their deception methods by including links or attachments in emails.

If you believe you have received a suspicious email, please don't open it and don't open any attachments or click on any links. Instead, we ask you to say something by either using the Phish Alert Button (PAB) in Gmail (web client only) - the preferred method - or, for now, forwarding the phishing message in Outlook as an attachment to reportphishing@iit.edu, and taking the steps outlined here.

By reporting the suspected email, you are raising the level of cybersecurity awareness in our community. The email can be analyzed and flagged in our system as a phishing attempt, if applicable.

Please do your part. Cybersecurity is OUR COLLECTIVE responsibility.