Request New Suppliers

Only Procurement Services can establish new vendors in the Illinois Tech vendor management system once all the requirements have been met and the necessary documents provided by the requesting department and the vendor.

Different Types of Suppliers

  • Registered Vendors - These vendors go through an easy online registration process and are set up in Buy It as permanent vendors. So if you have vendors that you will be using year after year, it is best that they become a registered vendor.
  • Lite / Temporary Vendors - These are vendors that you only use once or twice, then probably never again, for example, honorariums, award recipients, etc. To ensure the University's vendor database does not get too cluttered, these Lite / Temporary Vendors are deleted / terminated at the end of each fiscal year.

How to Request a New Registered Vendor

  • Please initiate the Request Supplier process in Buy It eMarketplace for a new vendor that you will be using multiple times throughout the year.
  • Once you submit your online New Vendor Request, the Procurement Systems Administrator will process your request in Buy It eMarketplace.
  • An online registration link will be sent to the vendor contact from which takes ~5 minutes for the vendor to complete where they will provide their company information, tax information, where to send the invoice payments to, etc.
  • Once the vendor completes their online registration, Procurement Services will review the information provided, ask for clarification and additional information if needed, and check the vendor against the US Government Debarment List before connecting the vendor in Buy It eMarketplace.
  • You will see the vendor in Buy It once Procurement Services connects the vendor.

How to Request a Lite / Temporary Vendor

  • To get a temporary vendor setup in Buy It, please email Lauren Hickey directly and request a Lite Supplier to be setup in Buy It.
  • You will need to provide the vendor's / non-Illinois Tech student's name, address, email address, W9 tax form, and A# if they already have one.
  • You will see the vendor in Buy It once it is set up in the system.
  • Remember, these temporary vendors will be deleted / terminated at the end of each fiscal year.