Requisition Process

The requisition / PO process in Buy It eMarketplace is the preferred purchasing method for all applicable spend regardless of dollar amount because it:

  • Provides easy online shopping capabilities and streamlined purchasing process
  • Provides access to University negotiated preferred contract rates, discounts, free shipping with certain vendors, and tax-free purchasing
  • Electronically routes through the system for quick and easy departmental and budgetary approvals
  • Encumbers funds in the University’s financial systems to avoid NSFs (insufficient funds)
  • References the University’s terms and conditions

The requisition process is initiated in Buy It eMarketplace, supported by various documents completed in or uploaded directly to the online Buy It requisition.

For a step-by-step guide to navigating and shopping in Buy It eMarketplace, please review the Buy It User Manual.

Once the Requisition is completed or checked out by the requisitioner, it will be work-flowed in the Buy It eMarketplace for departmental approval, Grants approval if it's on a grant fund (3- fund), and any special approvals before arriving in the Purchasing queue for review. When it is approved, the Requisition is then processed into a Purchase Order (PO) that is emailed to the vendor with a copy emailed to the requisitioner.

Support Documents Needed for Requisitions

Depending on the total spend amount and the type of purchase, the Requisition will need to be supported by some additional documents and approvals, including:

  • Online Buy It Vendor Selection Form and 3 Quotes: if the Requisition is > $10,000 and a Preferred Supplier is not used.
  • A Contract or Rider: if the aggregate spend with a given vendor is > $100,000 in a given fiscal year or if the Requisition is for professional services, transportation, or catering services. The contract can be on a standard Illinois Tech contract template or vendor template, however, it MUST be reviewed and approved by the General Council. See Standard Contract Resources for additional information.
  • OTS Approval / Footprint #: if the Requisition is for software.
  • Facilities Approval / Work Order #: if the Requisition is for any type of furniture.
  • Marketing and Communications Approval: if the Requisition is for printed material, advertisement placement, or Illinois Tech logo items.
  • Risk Management Approval: if the Requisition is for animals, hazardous materials, industrial alcohol, radioactive materials, or any other sensitive substances. Please see Research and Grants Purchasing for additional information.

Exceptions to the Requisition / PO Requirement

There are some specific exception cases when it comes to the requisition / PO process which are identified in the table below: