Department of Psychology

Faculty Research

All tenure-track faculty in the Department of Psychology have active research programs and regularly publish and present at professional meetings. They frequently engage graduate students as co-authors on articles published in peer-reviewed journals and as co-presenters for scientific meeting presentations. Many faculty members also conduct research projects supported by grant funding, and are consistently publishing new books.

Recent Faculty Successes

A book co-edited by Professor of Psychology Scott Morris, titled Adverse Impact Analysis: Understanding Data, Statistics, and Risk, was cited in 2019 as a resource in guidance on equal employment opportunity analysis from the United States Department of Labor.

Lindsay Sheehan, a senior research associate, was named one of the 40 Under 40 Scientists in Chicago in 2019 by Halo Cures, a company with a mission of connecting donors with health research projects they care about and scientists with industry partners for collaborations.

In July 2019 Assistant Professor of Psychology Alissa Haedt-Matt and Assistant Professor of Computer Science Aron Culotta were together awarded $25,000 in grant funding from Illinois Tech. The funding is from Illinois Tech's Educational and Research Initiative Fund and is supporting a project titled "Social Media Analysis of Indicators of Eating Disorder Treatment Seeking Behavior."

Visit the individual bio pages of our faculty members for more information on their projects, awards, and publications.

How Active Fantasy Sports Can Transform Couch Potatoes

Associate Professor of Psychology Arlen Moller discusses Active Fantasy Sports, a game designed to help people exercise and be more physically active.

Featured Faculty

Faculty of the Department of Psychology are actively engaged in research projects that support the development of new scholarship and foster the advancement of treatment methodologies.

Steff Du Bois
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, Clinical Training Program Associate Professor of Psychology Director of Clinical Psychology
Patrick Corrigan
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Nicole Ditchman
Associate Professor of Psychology
Frank Lane
Associate Professor of Psychology
Eun Jeong Lee
Professor of Psychology
Lindsay Sheehan
Assistant Professor
Scott Morris
Nambury S. Raju Endowed Chair in Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program Director Professor
Nicole Legate
Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Programs
Arlen C. Moller
Associate Professor of Psychology