Three undergraduates examine droplets of plastic eating algae in a lab.


More in Research

At the College of Science, you can conduct research with internationally known faculty, intern at world-renowned laboratories, or conduct your own research.

Illinois Tech encourages all students, including undergraduates, to work on research projects. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct research at the renown Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, both of which are located near Illinois Tech’s Chicago campus.

You may find yourself pushing the boundaries of what we know in many research areas, including:

  • Accelerator research
  • Big data and data analytics
  • Cancer therapeutics
  • Computational mathematics
  • Discrete applied mathematics
  • Distributed system, cloud, high-end computing
  • Improvement of bacterial strains for enhanced biodesulfurization of petroleum
  • Information retrieval, data mining
  • Materials for organic solar cells and photovoltaic devices
  • Nanomaterials for applications in chemical sensing, energy storage, and biomedical usage
  • Networks, sensors, and social networks
  • Particle physics
  • Programmed cell death in cancer cells
  • Solar energy conversion, catalysis, electronic materials, and chemical structure and bonding
  • Stochastics (including financial mathematics)
  • Superconductivity

“I’ve really enjoyed the biology curriculum at Illinois Tech, especially because it is well rounded and balanced between lectures and lab/research-oriented classes. The class material and the professors have encouraged me to further develop my critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as my communication skills. This has definitely helped me feel well prepared for the rigors of medical school.”

—Pooja Agarwal (BCHM ’16)

“Illinois Tech does an excellent job of offering research opportunities to undergraduates. I was fortunate enough to participate in my first research project as a sophomore. At a larger university, I don’t think I would have had such an amazing opportunity that early in my undergraduate career. That research experience and the advanced coursework at Illinois Tech prepared me well for my graduate studies at Stanford.”

—Chris Kalnmals (CHEM ’13), Camras Scholar, Stanford University Ph.D.

Chris Kalnmals (CHEM ‘13), Camras Scholar, Stanford University Ph.D.

“The research opportunities at Illinois Tech helped me understand how gratifying conducting original research is. As an undergraduate I already felt part of the scientific community as I was given the opportunity to work in a lab, attend conferences, and communicate with well-established scientists at other institutions.”

—Emily Hommerding (PHYS ’13), software engineer, Microsoft

Emily Hommerding (PHYS ’13), software engineer, Microsoft

“It is important to do research. When you do research, you work on real problems and you use tools like Latex and MATLAB. It is very helpful.”

—Tianchi Zhu (AMAT ’17)

Tianchi Zhu (AMAT '17)

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