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Lewis Dean’s Office

Jennifer deWinter
Dean, Lewis College of Science and Letters
Email: jdewinter@iit.edu
Phone: 312.567.3621

Carly Kocurek
Associate Dean, Humanities, Professor of Digital Humanities and Media Studies
Email: ckocurek@iit.edu
Phone: 312.567.3474

Jeff Terry
Associate Dean, Professor
Email: terryj@iit.edu
Phone: 312.567.3576

Tara L. Butterfield
Operations and Finance Manager
Email: butterfield@iit.edu
Phone: 312.567.3838

Shamiah Okhai
Program Coordinator
Email: sokhai@iit.edu
Phone: 312.567.8644

Isa Almasri
Office and Budget Coordinator
Email: ialmasri@iit.edu

Department Chairs

Lei Li, Biology
Phone: 312.567.5958
Email: Lei.Li@iit.edu 
Office: Robert A. Pritzker Science Center, Room 182

Yuanbing Mao, Chemistry
Phone: 312.567.3815
Email: ymao17@iit.edu
Office: Robert A. Pritzker Science Center, Room 136

Tracey McGee, English Language Services
Phone: 312.906.6571
Email: tmcgee@iit.edu
Office: Suite 4C9-2, Michael P. Galvin Tower

Britt Burton-Freeman, Food Science and Nutrition
Phone: 708.341.7078
Email: bburton@iit.edu
Office: Clinical Nutrition Research Center, Suite 3D6-1MF 339/338, Michael P. Galvin Tower

Matt Bauer, Humanities
Phone: 312.567.7967
Email: matt.bauer@iit.edu
Office: Siegel Hall 218B

Pavel Snopok, Physics
Phone: 312.567.3378
Email: psnopok@iit.edu
Office: Robert A. Pritzker Science Center, Room 182A

Jon Larson, Psychology
Phone: 312.567.6752
Email: larsonjon@iit.edu
Office: Technology Park – South, 3424 South State Street, 1C3-2

Saran Ghatak, Social Sciences
Phone: 312.567.3464
Email: sghatak@iit.edu
Office: Siegel Hall, Suite 116